New Build

New Build

We are Main Contractors; we do all general construction works and we are pleased to present you a professional team that can carry out your proposal.

We believe that our role as one of the most successful Main Contractors in London has contributed to enhance and improve the character of the places people live, providing high standards of living and creating a sense of community within the development and surroundings.

The delivery of sustainable design and construction is a key theme of the London Planners.

Our developments have a contemporary design and the use of highly durable materials. All units are designed to meet Lifetime Home standards and to secure a number of benefits, including adding to the overall quality of an area, establishing a strong sense of place, optimising the potential of the site to accommodate development, responding to local character and history, reflecting local identity, creating safe and accessible environments as well as being visually attractive.

With a sustainable design and construction, we are working to reduce the carbon emissions in line with London Plan targets at Level 4 for the Code for Sustainable Homes. We see all proposals as an opportunity for re-development and to create a signature building.

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